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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Iron Fence, Gate, Railing Repair Los Angeles

Questions and answers - Wrought Repair Los Angeles

Wrought Iron Repair Question:

"Hello I am home owner here in Los Angeles and looking to get my wrought iron railing repaired. We are located in South Los Angeles and for some reason we did not place the wrought iron railings in the cement directly. We mounted the wrought iron railings using an old method of placing them on top and over the concrete with out sealing them in one place.

Our main problem is that all around the on railings they are not only rusting, but chipping in paint and texture. My first thought was to fill the spots that are chipping and falling apart with a type of wrought iron repair solution.

What products should I use for this project?

Again, we are in Los Angeles, CA and if you can contact us as soon as possible that would be great!


Iron Repair Answer:

First of all thank you for choosing our wrought iron experts and all iron contractors here in Los Angeles. When dealing with wrought iron gates, railings, fencing or in your case railings there are many different ways to handle the issue. To accomplish this wrought iron repair process however, calling a wrought iron expert should come first before repairing the railing yourself.

Depending on the size of the chipping, holes, and defective paint you may need to take it in to a professional. If the area of wrought iron repair location is too large then it may de difficult to do on location.

If however you do want to do the repair your self:

Fist you will need to clean the wrought iron railing anywhere and everywhere where you think it is a problem issue. You can clean the area with steel wool and scrub it hard. If you do not clean the area good enough after you repair the wrought iron area, the same problems with your railings will happen again.

Second you will need to get a special type of auto body primer and flat or gloss paint to paint the wrought iron railing. If the railing is inside your Los Angeles home then make sure to put down plastic and or plenty of newspaper to paint over the infected area.

If you have any more questions about how to repair iron railings or fencing, gates, and even wrought iron doors give us a call.

Have a great day Los Angeles - See you soon!

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