Our wrought iron balconies in Los Angeles are top-of-the-line and fabricated in our wrought iron shop. We offer a large variety of different design for your wrought iron balcony. Iron Contractors Los Angeles will offer you a product that has been manufactured in accordance to the highest standards in the wrought iron industry.

All of our wrought iron balconies are designed in-house and we will personally come out and install them with our full service wrought iron certified installation team. Our wrought iron balconies are custom built to your specifications. Our designs range from basic to the most detailed and intricate. We can custom design a balcony to meet your structural and aesthetical specifications. We can work with you or your designers to fabricate a style that suits your residential wrought iron needs.

Iron railings work great for balconies because they function as a design element and an effective barrier at the same time. If you are planning to use something like this on your balcony, you must be sure to get a strong set of iron rails to ensure your safety. The posts on the corners must be thick and well secured to the deck to provide maximum support.. If you have small children, you also need to be aware of how big the openings are between the rails. You do not want them to get their heads caught in the railing. You can use iron for indoor and outdoor balconies if you want. The indoor ones do not need to be quite as tough because they will not be exposed to high winds and other elements that may compromise their integrity. If you have an indoor balcony, consider installing iron staircases as well for an even flow throughout the house.