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Our superior services include, but are not limited to, wrought iron fence designs, gates, doors, railings, and ornamental iron furniture. We provide everything you need when it comes to wrought iron products and projects in the  Los Angeles  area with our gorgeous wrought iron craftsmanship, iron materials of the finest quality, knowledgeable experts in the iron industry, and timely and accurate iron installation, all accomplished with world class customer service.

We specialize in custom made  wrought iron gates wrought iron fence  designs,  wrought iron railings  and much more for the greater Los Angeles area! Feel free to browse our LA gallery and peruse our amazing wrought iron projects that will be sure to catch your eye. We work with all budgets, big and small alike to turn your wrought iron concepts into a reality.

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  • Superior precise quality welds
  • Welds can be made with little or no filler
  • Precise control of welding variables

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Los Angeles Iron Contractors

Iron Fencing

Made to match our wrought iron driveway gates and iron garden gates, our wrought iron fences are a beautiful feature addition to any home or business. Iron Contractors makes safety a priority, that’s why all of our iron pool fences have spring loaded hinges and a magnetic safety latch that allow self-closing in accordance with Child Safety Codes. Iron Contractors of Los Angeles is the premier choice for ornamental wrought iron fences.

Iron Railing

Gorgeous wrought iron railings by Iron Contractors of Los Angeles are made for balconies, porches, decks, and straight stair railings. Curved wrought iron stair railings are also available! To ensure a proper fit, we use a template tool to determine proper installation of our iron railings in your home. Give the Iron Contractors of Los Angeles a call today to see how one of our wrought iron railings will fit in your home.

Driveway Gates

Iron Contractors is known for the largest selection of decorative and ornamental iron driveway gates in the Los Angeles area. If you are looking to customize your iron driveway gates or access gate, our custom iron professionals will fabricate the perfect wrought iron gate for your home that is sure to impress the neighbors! We offer a variety of colors to choose from that are available in wrought iron or aluminum metals. Our iron driveway gates are made to match our fences to better fit your landscape design. Call Iron Contractors Los Angeles today to see how an ornamental wrought iron driveway gate can better fit your home’s landscape design.

Gate Access Control

We carry numerous products that allow you access control to your iron garden gates, driveway gates, iron doors, and more! Methods include but are not limited to, wireless telephone entry systems, wireless key pads, magnetic locks, mini remotes, and many other entry options. We help you find what option best works for your home and your budget to ensure that you are getting what is best for you. Iron Contractors has the largest selection of access control methods in Los Angeles.

Courtyard Gates

Iron Contractors Los Angeles has an expert team of iron courtyard gates fabrication specialists as well as garden/driveway gates. Custom designs are available for walk-through wrought iron gates in relation to beautiful driveway gates, and iron fences. These designs are are hand crafted with safety and security in mind. We offer garden borders that are made of aluminum and wrought iron that can be easily installed at an affordable price! Call our wrought iron expert team today to see how an ornamental courtyard gate will be sure to complement any landscape design.

Wrought Iron Gate Openers

We offer top-of-the-line brands of wrought iron gate openers and operators like PowerMaster, Eagle, Elite, Ramset, Sea, Facc and others at dealer's prices. We work with you to find the perfect iron gate unit that fits your needs. If you are looking for Sliding, Swing, Hydraulic, Solar, Residential, Commercial or Industrial features, you have come to right wrought iron gate experts!

Iron Doors

Our stunning wrought iron doors are made to last with 14 gauge or heavier tubing with solid hand forging. If you are looking to create a unique custom design, our professional iron team will work with you to ensure that you are receiving nothing but the best when it comes to our superior quality and friendly and knowledgeable wrought iron door contractors in the Los Angeles area. All of our iron doors are manufactured at our facility right here in Los Angeles. Keeping it local and keeping it budget friendly is what separates us from the competition when it comes to residential and commercial iron doors in Los Angeles.

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